M-Rep, Inc. is looking for salespeople with electronic component sales experience and a proven track record. Territories are available. Engineering Degree and familiarity with Texas Area electronic OEM's preferred. Generous commission with guaranty plus expenses. If interested please contact Phil Sutherland at 512-263-2499 or E-Mail (Click Here)

A Resource The most important contributor to the success of a company is its human resources. M-Rep, Inc. combines fresh and enthusiastic salesmanship with mature, professional management predicated on the simple, but proven principals: Hire the best!

Then provide them:

  • The right products
  • Product training
  • Generous Compensation
  • The tools and opportunities to succeed
  • A professional work environment
  • Direction and Motivation

All outside sales representatives receive commissions plus expenses on sales in their territories. In addition, sales territories remain stable to insure continued enthusiasm and incentive. The company encourages sales personnel to refine their technical knowledge at every possible opportunity. We attend sales conferences and seminars throughout the country. We pay particular attention to those held at factory locations, since in-depth product knowledge is the cornerstone of our business. Monthly meetings to review accounts, products and market segments are key factors in our training and measurement program.

Internal operations in our home sales office are designed to provide maximum support for field sales. Our office staff maintains day-to-day liaison and follow-up with our factories' order entry and customer service departments and furnish our customers with immediate and dependable communications.
They provide the sales staff with monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on sales by customer and principal utilizing a fully interactive software program that also projects our cash flow, backlog,
reconciles commissions, and provides M-Rep, Inc.'s principals with a mail list database of more than 9000 customer contacts in the Texas four-state area. Recognizing that fast efficient communications with both customers and principals is critical to our success, M-Rep, Inc. employs the most modern communications equipment available with an adequate number of phone lines, FAX equipment,
mobile phones, Internet E-Mail addresses, and digital pagers. Every employee is provided a
computer workstation linked to our extensive data base, and trained to utilize this equipment
to its maximum potential.