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M-Rep, Inc. is an electronic manufacturer's representative company providing electronic manufacturers with quality representation and key customer contacts throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Formed in 1986, M-Rep, Inc. is proud of its reputation for professionalism in the Texas marketplace and we invite you to talk with our customers, distributors, and principals about our sales success, integrity, and dedication to purpose.

M-Rep, Inc. is focused on the OEM electronic market in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. We develop and implement sales strategies to ensure sales growth for our manufacturers with all OEMs in this market but with a focus on strategic accounts in the telecom, datacom, and computer market sectors.

M-Rep, Inc. offers infinite expandability of sales coverage by maintaining a strong management team and ancillary technologies to support sales team expansion. Success in any business is dependent on hiring and maintaining a team of highly motivated people that are disciplined, have sound work habits, and can organize their time effectively. These are people that know their customers' needs, unique personalities, and problems. These attributes are prerequisites in every M-Rep, Inc. employee. M-Rep, Inc.'s employees have high ethical standards and a reputation in the industry for honesty and fair business dealings that coincide with that same reputation of this company. Those attributes need to be grounded in a process and culture that encourages teamwork toward a common goal.

M-Rep, Inc. further extends the team concept to our Principals. We believe that under a teamwork concept all members can benefit from focused actions and a shared vision. Close communications are a requirement in order to reach a parallel glide path with our Principals. Because of the diversity of Principals, products and personalities, the danger of goal divergence is a constant obstacle to the success of any representative organization. In order to minimize this danger, M-Rep, Inc. carefully selects a limited number of manufacturers that we represent with an eye to these important factors:

  • Company size in domestic U.S. sales
  • Relative position in their marketplace
  • High ethical standards of business practice
  • Real commitment to quality in all aspects of their business
  • Available resources to support our sales objectives
  • Commitment level to a Representative sales force
  • Stability of relationship with existing Rep force
  • History of timely payment of commissions
  • Product synergy with other our other Principals' products

M-Rep, Inc. understands that our principals are our most important customers. To ensure that we exceed the needs and expectations of our principals and as well our traditional customers, we have developed hardware, software, and procedural systems to support the following activities:

  • Sales Lead follow up
  • Quote follow up
  • New account development
  • Weekly R.F.Q. status review
  • Forecasting and performance review
  • Formal reporting procedures

"Our ability to hire and retain quality people enables us to provide an extensible organization
for our principals"
Phil Sutherland - President

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Phil Sutherland - President
Phil co founded M-Rep, Inc. in 1986 through the merger of two successful representative companies. Phil's ability to anticipate changes in the market have enabled M-Rep, Inc. to dramatically impact the sales and growth of M-Rep's principals in this market. Phil has been appointed as chairman of a number of Representative Councils that have been instrumental in guiding M-Rep's Principals to increased sales and improved customer services for those companies world wide. A respected and much sought-after expert in his field, Phil has shared his industry knowledge as a speaker at dozens of conferences and seminars. Phil paved the way for M-Rep's success by creating a company culture focused on fostering excellence in the company's technical sales staff and by using the latest in internet and other electronic communications technologies. Phil has been involved in electronic component sales in the Texas Quad States Area since 1972 and continues to lead, motivate and redefine M-Rep, Inc. as technologies, products, customers, and economic conditions change.

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